Art Studio

We love watching creativity bloom, whether that be from an experienced maker, or first time pottery painter! Pottery therapy is a great mindfulness activity, a wonderful way to get creative with friends and family, see your little ones explore their artistic talents, have fun and a lovely a way to create a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Our studio is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10-5pm. We recommend booking during school holidays and rainy weekends but it is not essential. You can book by messaging our social media, email or call our team on 01481 721375.

Spaces to enjoy creativity:

  • In our cosy and calming studio
  • Outside in our ‘Picnic and Pottery’ area
  • Grab a paint at home kit to enjoy painting in your favourite space (We love painting at the beach, during a bbq, picnics, and cosy at home)

Choosing your finish:

We offer two different types of finish to choose from: acrylic and glaze.

Acrylic painting allows you to take the pottery home on the day. This is great for little ones who are excited to take their piece home and don’t want to wait for it to be fired. It is also an ideal activity for those who are visiting the island for a short period of time. Acrylic pottery pieces start from £5 and includes money banks, figures and decorative items.

Painting in glaze allows the pottery piece to be food and dishwasher safe, it can go outdoors and has a glossy finish. Pottery pieces start from £5 and there are over 300 pieces to choose from including homeware items, garden ornaments, planters, vases, lanterns, money banks, figures and large ornaments.

It can take up to two weeks for a piece to be fired, if you are travelling or need a gift before this time frame please ask a member of staff before starting your painting and we will do our best to get it ready in time for you.

Our painting studio is a busy hive of activity on most days. You can check out our upcoming workshops page for more details on our popular classes including:

  • Late Night Pottery Painting
  • Bob Ross Paint a Long
  • Watercolour
  • Acrylic Pour
  • Oil and Acrylic Canvas Painting
  • Tie Dye