Baby Hand/Footprint Keepsakes

Take baby steps towards remembering every precious moment with your little one. We have a lovely selection of pottery pieces that you can decorate with hand and footprints or create a ceramic print into clay.

Capturing your babies hand or footprint when they are small makes a treasured keepsake for you and the most wonderful sentimental gift for family and friends.

Here at the studio we can help you capture your child’s hand or footprint onto ceramics or into clay. If you would like to find out more or book a space please get in touch to make a reservation with one of our team members or pop into the studio Tuesday-Friday, 10-5pm. Saturday bookings are subject to availability.

Popular pottery pieces for baby prints include:

8″ Plate – £18.00

10″ Plate – £22.00

12″ Plate – £26.00

Mugs – £15 to 22.00

Round Hanging Ornament – £18.00

Medium Round Bauble – £18.00

Square tile box – £22.00

We have a variety of other pieces that great for baby prints including large plates, platters, desk pencil pots and storage boxes, plant pots, vases and so much more!