Pottery Wheel Thursdays: 6-8pm



You will get an hour with one of our experienced potters as part of a small group (no more than 7 students). During this hour, you will work on centering the clay and pulling it up. You will then have another hour of independent wheel time immediately afterwards.

What’s included in the price?


1 hour pottery group throwing lesson with one of our experienced potters.

1 hours independent wheel time.

Firing for 1 finished piece.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that you are relaxed about getting messy. We recommend trousers as you’ll sit close to the wheel as you throw. Please ensure long hair is tied back, jewellery, watches, long necklaces, scarves etc are removed.

Please note that it is very difficult to throw pots with long nails.

Additional information


14th September, 21st September, 24th August, 28th September, 7th September, a- 4th April 2024, a-11th January 2024, a-4th January 2024, b -11th April 2024, b-18th January 2024, b-25th January 2024, c-18th April 2024, c-1st February 2024, c-8th February 2024, d-15th February 2024, d-22nd February 2024, d-25th April 2024, e-29th February 2024, e-2nd May 2024, e-7th March 2024, f- 7th March 2024, f-14th March 2024, f-16th May 2024, f-21st March 2024, g-14th March 2024, g-23rd May 2024, h-30th May 2024, Thursday 13th July, Thursday 27th July, Thursday 6th July


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