Thursday Late Night Pottery Painting


The perfect way to enjoy an evening out with friends or family. Why not come along with a work colleague, or by yourself. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people! If you’re new to the Island or just want to get out more, come along and have some creative fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please note that late night pottery evenings are for small groups and individuals ( Groups up to 4 people), if you have a large group booking, party or corporate we can hold private events on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday evenings, subject to availability. Please email us at to find out more!

You can turn up at the studio from 5pm and we close the doors at 9pm.  If you have a piece in progress, please send us a picture in advance and we can have it on the table on arrival.

Don’t forget, you are welcome to bring along food/drink of your own, or you can order food to be delivered straight to the studio.

We can’t wait to see you!

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